03: The Good, The Bald, The Ugly

We have a winner! i just found out the Duke University BMT team has a 6 out of six matched, unrelated donor for me from the national donor marrow registry. So thank you to everyone who went and got typed on my behalf. Maybe it was one of you. I have to tell you that when they called and told me, my initial reaction was “are you sure? shouldn’t you keep looking? maybe there is a better one out there.” basically I just got scared. nothing like that to bring it all home, time to face the inevitable transplant. Yipes. The truth of the matter is I should feel super lucky, there are people out there in worse situations than myself, who have been on the list for a donor for years and many will never get one. So if you haven’t gotten registered in the national registry, please do. you can call 1-800-MARROW-2 for info on where and when.

Well, they told me it would happen as a side effect of the interferon (the drug I’m on now) but I thought maybe I could prevent it. they say half of beating cancer is in the mind and since my mind is so close to the top of my head, I figured i had a pretty good chance of keeping my rock star looks (locks?). I’m a fighter, but alas, I’m headed to the store for the jumbo jar of Drano. The shit is coming out in clumps all of a sudden. So either the interferon is doing exactly what they said it would, or I’m getting old. Must be the interferon, Yeah. Anyway, I’m stocking up on hats and beanies and getting ready to buzz it all off. that Drano can give you cancer. 🙂 I’m taking votes on the best hair style I should go for in the meantime: mullet? flat-top? Kojak? most votes wins, so send ’em in. The good part of all this, is I’ll get a free preview of what i’ll look like in another 10 (?) years. not bald, “distinguished.” the real scary part of all this is I’m probably going to have to do what all young men do when their hair starts to fall out: Get married. So if you know anybody…

A BMT is a pretty serious deal. One doctor told me it was “as sick as we can make someone, without killing them.” Oh, cool, can’t wait. Another doc told me “heart surgery is cake compared to a BMT.” Great. Pass the bacon. The point I guess I’m making is that the real scary part is coming, still not sure when exactly, but probably sometime after the new year. So let’s just hope the hospital is Y2K compliant and keep those good vibes coming.

More news as it becomes available. I hope this finds all of you happy, healthy and appreciating life.

– ET